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Why Sedation Dentistry?

There are a number of reasons a dental patient may choose to undergo sedation to make their experience more pleasant. Here are some of the most common reasons our patients choose sedation dentistry.

Fear and Anxiety

Nearly half of all people avoid dental care because of dental fears and anxiety. Modern, safe sedation techniques allow fearful patients to experience dental procedures in complete comfort.

Low Pain Threshold

Each patient has a different pain threshold. What is tolerable for one patient may be painful for another. With today’s techniques, patients will not perceive pain and will be pain-free during visits.

Active Gag Reflexes

Some patients gag even before the smallest X-ray film is placed in their mouth or before a simple impression is attempted. Sedation for even the simplest procedures will eliminate patient discomfort and other problems caused by gagging.

Extensive Treatment

Sophisticated procedures, such as implant dentistry or full mouth rehabilitation, and extended procedures, such as periodontal scaling and root canal therapy, are no longer a problem. Sedation services provide effective and continual patient comfort.

Special Needs

Physical, mentally and emotionally challenged patients will now be quite comfortable, even in a traditional office setting. Sedation services allow dentists to provide complete dental care as well as a most pleasant experience.
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