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Dr. Solomowitz | Dr. Benjamin Solomowitz, DMD | Sedation Dentist in Brooklyn New York

About Dr. Benjamin Solomowitz, DMD

Brooklyn native Dr. Solomowitz graduated cum laude from the State University of New York at Albany with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Education in 1977. He received the Doctor of Dental Medicine from the Boston University Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry in 1983. He completed a combined General Practice Residency and Dental Anesthesiology Externship at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in 1985.
In private practice since 1985, Dr. Solomowitz is also part-time Director of Residency Education and Dental Anesthesiologist at Interfaith Medical Center (previously Brooklyn Jewish Hospital). His office in Park Slope, Brooklyn, incorporates dentistry and IV sedation in a friendly and relaxed setting.
Dr. Solomowitz is a Dipolmate of the American Dental Board of Anesthesiology, a Member of the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists, a Fellow of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, and a Member and past President of the New York State Dental Society of Anesthesiology. He is on the staff of New York University College of Dentistry, Division of Pain and Anxiety Control, New York Methodist Hospital, and Long Island College Hospital.
Dr. Solomowitz lectures to hospital and dental study groups, including at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, on anesthesia-related topics. He is the author of many published papers on anesthesia techniques and dentistry.
My Commitment to Continuing Education
Continuing education has always been important to me. While still in dental school, I realized that a residency program to learn advanced skills not taught in dental school was a necessity. I have taken continuing education very seriously to this day. So much so, that I have been recognized by the New York State Dental Association for going above the yearly requirement of course work.
Dentistry is constantly changing. Equipment and materials improve and dental concepts evolve. Keeping active teaching in a residency program, writing and lecturing to dental professionals give me an opportunity to share my area of expertise with others. Conversely, taking courses lets me improve my efficiency and keep up with the latest dental concepts to improve the treatment options I offer to my patients.
Learning and improving my skills go hand in hand with providing the best care to my patients.
Hobbies & Interests
Dr. Ben’s hobbies and interests are varied and fun. He keeps active running and biking. Playing guitar and the mandolin are among his talents and delights!
Genealogy is one of his passions and he has published various articles on this interesting subject.
Published articles in the New York State Dental Journal have proven his talent, and also his passion for his profession of dentistry.
Published photographer
Published Articles
“Fluoride: A Controversy Revisited”. Ananian, A.; Solomowitz, B.H.; Dowrich, I.; NYS Dental Journal 2006; 3:14-18.
“Geriatric Dentistry, A Review for the General Dentist”. Su, J.; Lustbader, E.; Solomowitz, B.H.; Dowrich, I.; NYS Dental Journal 2002; 3:25-29.
“ Shade Selection: Communicating with the Laboratory Technician”. Lichter, J.; Solomowitz, B.H.; Sher, M.R. NYS Dental Journal. 2000; 5:42-46.
“Dental Management of the Patient with Alzheimer’s Disease”. Ocasio, N.; Solomowitz, B.H.; Sher, M.R. NYS Dental Journal. 2000; 3:32-35.
“What’s Behind Your Smile?”. Lichter, J.; Solomowitz, B.H.; Sauco, M.; Sher, M.R. NYS Dental Journal. 1999; 10:34-39.
“Natural Remedies Recommended for the Management of Oral Health”. Ocasio, N.A.; Solomowitz, B.H.; Sher, M.R. NYS Dental Journal. 1999; 6:22-24.
“Tribute to Dr. Wells”. Letter to the Editor. Solomowitz, B.H. JADA. 1995; 126:284-286.
“Temporomandibular Disorders in an Urban Population. An Epidemiological Study”. Puri, P.; Diamond, M.; Solomowitz, B.H.: Sher, M.R. NYS Dental Journal. 1994; 7:42-43.
“Intravenous Cannulation: A Different Approach”. Solomowitz, B.H. Anesthesia Progress. 1993; 40:20-22.
Abstracts. Solomowitz, B.H. NYS Dental Journal. 1987; 2:51-52 and 1987; 3:53.
Dr. Solomowitz is a Published Photographer
Dr. Solomowitz is a gifted photographer and artist. No wonder people are happy with his “eye” for cosmetic dentistry! Look at his photographs in the following wonderful books and exhibits. Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova: Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories (The Jewish Genealogy Series): Miriam Weiner: Books
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